shestI’m Shest.  It was September 2009 when my humans found me in a hedge on the outskirts of the village. I was covered in flies that were nearly as big as me; and my eyes were still blue so I can’t have been more than a couple of months old.

Now I’m bigger than all the other cats living here. I weigh a lot more, am really muscly and like to kick, punch and bite for fun. I’ll wait at the top of the stairs and swipe anybody going past through the banisters. I absolutely love my Daddy though, so I will rub his face with mine within a few minutes if I’ve hurt him. Daddy has a nice chest for me to lie and dribble on. I can spread my toes out really wide and rest my mouth on whatever he’s wearing leaving a nice big wet mark.

I also have a broad range of vocabulary to tell everybody what’s happening. I do cute little chirrups announcing my arrival, purr like a motorbike and can have quite a loud voice. Although if I start shouting at five o’clock in the morning Daddy gets annoyed…but he will probably get up to feed me.

Oh, and I LOVE FOOD. I’ll clean my bowl really fast then work my way along all the other ones. Osem will bash me out of the way if he’s eating yoghurt and Sedem sometimes gives me a kiss hello in the morning, but otherwise they both ignore me. I like going in the shower, too.

I hate it when Mummy & Daddy go anywhere, but I have a new friend who lives in a bin across the road and I have a very good friend in Big Hair. He always strokes me and gives me biscuits so it’s great when he comes to the village.


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