Winter Wood or Wildlife Sanctuary

Well people, we have broken our own record this year. Wood ordered, delivered, paid for (and partly stacked) by 16th July. One day earlier than last year!

💥 BOOM! 💥

We’d discovered Bourjany: Purveyors of the Finest Firewood on the Bricolage roundabout quite by accident. Greeted with Svetla’s big smile and a clutch of kitties last year, it was nothing if not a pleasure dealing with them. So we thought we would again!

Wood LOGS.jpg

It’s worth mentioning it wasn’t the most ordinary of experiences. This is still Bulgaria, don’t forget.

Wood DogWe knew we’d made the right decision as soon as we popped our heads around the entrance on Saturday morning. Svetla looked up, her face lit up and she called out in recognition: “Jeremy!”

So, we were intially faced with a massive, woollen-coated, woofy guard dog. “Don’t touch him he’s dangerous,” warns Svetla, proceding to fuss his head. A hugely pregnant black cat wrapped itself around our legs as we looked on. Barely out of kittenhood herself, she looked to be carrying an enormous litter*.

*note to self: don’t come back when they’ve been born and are all little and ultra-cute

Wood Cat 1
Maya – the fallen kitten

Another cat swaggered past – allegedly her mother. She showed no interest in her daughter whatsoever, and Svetla explained she’d had a kitten herself a few months back, but couldn’t be bothered to look after it leaving the nursing to her daughter. Luckily she had just her own litter..


Then there were the doves (or were they pigeons?) “Oh yes come and have a look, we have lots…” she says, beckoning Jeremy and his curious camera into the cage. She reappears carrying two. “Go on, smell them!” she commands.

Really? All right then! (Soft and talcum powdery, in case you wanted to know.)

We were just getting ready to go, when Svetla looks past my shoulder and gasps. “LOOK AT THAT! I’ve never seen anything like it.” I turned around expecting to see a giraffe.

But no. It was THIS:

A big, green, hairy, blue-spotted caterpillar rearing up between the logs and moving at quite a lick.

Afraid at what might come next, we quickly made our excuses and left.


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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