Hi-Ho! Spring visitors

Not long after the very audible arrival of the swifts/swallows/housemartins, golden orioles and nightingales, MothAg flew over to spend a few days in NovoP.

We had a splendid time getting a good mix of jobs ticked off as well as some fun stuff. Got to keep them motivated, after all. The weather was idyllic: blue skies and wall-to-wall sunshine. Getting up surprisingly early – for holiday makers, at least – it did mean we powered through a substantial list.


Here is a snippet:

  1. defrost freezer,
  2. paint back fence,
  3. drive through the Strandzha and book some accommodation for our Big Charity Walk at the end of the month,
  4. stroke our cats,
  5. do some tree surgery,
  6. stroll around the village,
  7. admire storks in their nests (ask Ag to see his photos when you see him),
  8. play cards,
  9. stroke other cats,
  10. paint the outside table,
  11. de-tick Johnny,
  12. try and spot the nightingale in the tree,
  13. work our way through Trivial Pursuit questions (we never did get 6/6 right),
  14. make our own muesli,
  15. refurbish some storm lanterns,
  16. break Mitko’s bike (not on purpose)
  17. visit the flower festival in the Sea Gardens,
  18. do two charity shops very thoroughly indeed,
  19. put up a soap dispenser and boar’s head in the loos at Terzieva Kushta,
  20. dig over the garden ahead of planting,
  21. try (and fail) to mend Mitko’s bike,
  22. admire the Judas trees in full blossom and
  23. have a couple of rather lovely dinners in Burgas.
Worn out..

All in all, I think we did rather well!


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