One Of Ours

As they bring, so they take away. I’m not sure that’s the usual remit for storks, but it seems the case this year.

On 13th March 2018, fellow NovoP ex-pat Mike left this world, after a short spell in hospital. Although a big shock for us, to his closest friends it was more a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ as his health had been in decline for some time.

As far as Mike was concerned, Mitko’s was his second home in the village.  Music nights, birthday parties, even the Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee were celebrated at Mitko’s, but it was the many run-of-the-mill ‘early doors’ sessions that will be remembered – or not, depending on how late they went on.

And it was from here that he took his final journey up the hill to NovoP cemetery last week. Surrounded by friends, family, beautiful countryside, a small herd of cows and a mustering of storks in an adjacent field, he is now at peace.

Mike Necro



2 thoughts on “One Of Ours

  1. Cathy Mulvaney

    Thank you Anne for this – and of course Jeremy with the photos you’ve included.

    Cathy x


    1. Anne

      It was a hard day, but a lovely send-off; a chance to reminisce about happier times. Jeremy took loads of photos for those who want. Shona has the link.

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