Baby Terziev

Well it’s been a surprisingly mild winter; with minimal snow and incredibly early stork sightings – some even before Baba Marta arrived on 1st March, which surely must be illegal.

What has helped jog things along latterly has been the seemingly interminable wait for …Mitko & Zlatina’s first grandchild!

We have become firm friends with the lovely owners of the NovoP restaurant Terzieva Kushta, and as a result they have a substantial fanclub made up of our NovoP visitors over the years.

What’s not to love? They greet us with hearty handshakes and easy laughter making us feel like part of the family, despite the language barrier.

So, seeing as a lot of you fabulous readers are indeed members of the Mitko & Zlatina fanclub, you’ll be delighted to hear that on Thursday 15th March 2018 baby Dimitar (Mitko) Terziev was born, weighing just over 8lbs and raring to go.

Mother, baby and an emotional father are doing very well.

Baby Dimitar and Daddy Stoyan




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