Bedknobs, broomsticks & paintbrushes

So we have made ourselves stupidly busy, recently. It all started a few weeks ago, when the rains came…

<plinky music and wibbly screen>

…and poured in through the bedroom ceiling.

Roof clearing
Roof clearing post Russell

Jeremy invited Russell over to get on the roof with him to give it all the once over and ultimately teach him how to make amazing cement that should patch it up until spring.

(Apparently it’s not going to last longer than that.) (Bums.)

So whilst we had the long ladder here, Jeremy took it upon himself to re-oil all the house’s wood cladding.

From then on – and with no thought to the consequences – we started ALL possible renovation projects at once.

I nicked the ladder, raided Jeremy’s store cupboard, dressed up as a member of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and started repainting outdoor window surrounds/sills with whatever colours we have kicking around.

One of those was yellow. Yes.

The other was a deep, viscous red – I’ve still got to do the second coat on the gate, and I have to admit it’s all looking rather ‘Carrie’ at the moment.

We have also finally got around to completely redoing the bathroom in grey/white, adding skirting boards and new cabinets and even a rug. (I know!!)

We’ve varnished of the upstairs floors, created yet more book storage and finally chucked out Jeremy’s lovely handmade bed as it’s full to bursting with deathwatch beetles. The new one is metal, we didn’t want to have to share any more.

Office camp
Sedem mans the office

We’ve even taken the opportunity of our general upsidedownness to repaint the bedroom in a minty green – so it now resembles a dental waiting room.

We spent a lot of this time camped out on the sofabed in my office, which was ‘snug’ at best. Other drawbacks included having the contents of the bathroom all over the landing, the bedroom stuff in the extension, no clue where ANYTHING was and dust pretty much everywhere.

Now we’re the other side of a lot of it, however we can pat ourselves on the back. We’ve ticked a lot of things off The Mammoth List Of House Things – many of which had been there for years… yippeeee!!

Let’s hope we don’t need think about that roof again before spring, eh?


7 thoughts on “Bedknobs, broomsticks & paintbrushes

  1. Anne

    I fear this is a bit like the Forth Bridge. Once we actually get to the end of The Big List, we’ll have to start from the beginning again…. x

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