Burgas Ballet

I’ve had one eye out looking for posters advertising a ballet for a while now. There seem to be a whole heap of operas, but not a lot else. These are all very well, but when they’re sung in Italian with Bulgarian subtitles, we don’t stand much chance of understanding what’s going on. Relying on the fat lady singing to signal the end, turns out not to be a very accurate way of doing it (I fell asleep whilst trying to do that).

Then Cinderella appeared! Prokofiev’s ballet. The poster looked the part, not with tutu-clad ballerinas, but y’know, professional – so we thought that would do rather nicely. Booked tickets, and thought nothing more about it until performance day.

Cinderella Burgas

We thought we’d dress up! Why not. We’re village people, we don’t get to dress in our finery so often, now. So we were a little surprised when we visited the online poster that afternoon, which described it as a children’s ballet. Oh dear. Sure enough, the Ugly Sisters were at the door to greet swarms of little people dressed as ballerinas – and us in our evening attire.

We hurriedly tried to work out what “It’s behind you!” is in Bulgarian. Hang on, no. That’s panto. Eek! What were we doing here?

Happily it turned out to be lots of fun, and apart from the fact that most of the audience came up to JJ’s knees and during the interval got up to clamber onto the stage and do their own Cinderella impressions, it was a wonderfully professional performance.

There were only a few sidelong glances at us, wondering why we hadn’t brought our own little people…


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