Simon Says: Be On Telly!

What a jolly, whirlwind of a time we had with the lovely Simon & Philip this weekend!

Simon and his house have been chosen to be featured on an ITV show about holiday homes under £10,000. Airing details will follow, but the filming part neatly coincided with my birthday weekend, so I was lucky enough to spend my special day with friends from the UK.

We managed to catch Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior at Burgas port on Saturday morning to pay our respects to a great vessel, and rocked up in Stefan K in time to feature as ‘friends dropping by for a glass of wine’ in the early evening.  We even got time for a catch up with Jenny (from the block) who we first met in Stefan K some seven years ago.


Needless to say, after Russell & Pauline had given the house & garden a good seeing to, and the boys added a few IKEA accessories and Primark soft furnishings, it all looked pretty fabulous!

The temperature was an unrelenting 38 degrees, so the rest of the weekend was taken up lounging, drinking wine (sparkling and otherwise), dipping in the pool at EcoCenter Rumika and eating large amounts of Bulgarian and British delights at Kapriz Restaurant in Elhovo and Green’s Bar in Dobrich, respectively.


Thanks to you ALL – and especially Jeremy for doing all the driving – for making it so special.


One thought on “Simon Says: Be On Telly!

  1. Alan Sayles

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for this and the pictures are wonderful.   Sorry that it wasn’t until today that I noticed in my diary that it had been your birthday, but happy returns and best wishes from both of us.   It was so good to see you in person after such a time at Helen’s wedding celebration.



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