Christmastime: Sausages & Wine

starsLidl must have been doing a German promo as we picked up a packet of Nuremberg sausages this week, which reminded me I haven’t told you about our festive trip to the Christkindlesmarkt over there, yet.

It was another of our whims: Wizz was doing another one of its 20%-off deals, so the flights only cost us fifty quid from Sofia and we OBVIOUSLY had to go. We were there three days, tried three different types of sausage, explored three museums popped into three different denomination of church and tried as many Gluhweins as we could fit in.

The Germans just know how to do Christmas, don’t they? The entire country is lined with Christmas trees, all the children play with wooden toys and they’ve got all-year-round, family friendly, outdoor feasting nailed. Sausages. Amazing. Gingerbread? Uh-huh. Gebratene Mandeln (roasted almonds). Oh yes. We tried it ALL.

So to the history. There’s really quite a lot of it – much of which revolves around Hitler who had his eye on Nuremberg, rather. Hence the rallies, trials – oh and the complete annihilation of the place by the allies in 1944. We found this and a whole lot more out from a brilliant free walking tour led by Dorian.

Also rather fab, was the buy-one-ticket-get-into-loads-of-museums deal. We popped to Albrecht Duerer’s House, managed to miss the gingerbread demo at Fembohaus (but met the wonderful Miss Cooper and her fabulous mulitcoloured pussycat prints) and rushed across town to catch the Nazi Party Rally Grounds before it closed. Dark (in all senses) but worth it.

We also had the pleasure of bumping into a few Bulgarians along the way. Not backward in coming forward, we chirped the odd zdrasti and kakvo pravite in their direction, raised some smiles, exchanged pleasantries (in Bulgarian/English/German or an odd mixture of all) and were rather proud of our European-ness.  Whilst we still can be.


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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