Village Fashion Shoot

Three weeks snowed in, stuck in a little Bulgarian village is enough to send anybody round the bend. This week we went out into the winter sunshine and mucked about, fancying ourselves as models. We took ourselves rather seriously.


Quintessential Englishman, Jeremy channels his inner mountain ranger in an eclectic range of separates during this village shoot.

Posing in jeans by Humana and winter jacket a steal (not literally) from ZigZag, he ensures his feet stay dry in his green wellies by Praktiker.

Keeping him warm are two fleece jumpers and handwoven socks by Elena™ whilst he accessorizes the outfit with flat cap from Christopher and sunglasses (model’s own).

Jeremy showcases his playful side in the snow, but shows how quickly he can revert to his dapper secret agent look, by leaning on a vintage car, or staring into the middle distance.

Hair by Hand     Fragrance Woodsmoke by PRITY


Anne eshews (most of) her usual rainbow palate, coordinating instead in elegant black Humana ski trousers & waterproof jacket in royal purple, in stark contrast to the snowy village setting.

She wears four tops, two pairs of leggings, thigh-length woollen legwarmers and yesterday’s socks. A snood, gloves and silver-grey faux-fur headband (all by ZigZag) keep her toasty, which coupled with thigh-high legwarmers and eco-legs* make for a surprisingly cosy combination.
*no plastic razors were disposed of to epilate these legs in the recent past

Inspiring fashion-forward looks with accessories including: Olinezza Lyutenitsa bucket handbag packed with canine treats, boutique, pre-loved purple wellies and lipstick (a Christmas gift from her husband), Anne ensures she’s bang on trend by throwing snowballs and checking herself out in vintage car wing mirrors.

Hair by Pillo     Fragrance Paradise by EMEKA

7 thoughts on “Village Fashion Shoot

  1. jezjohn

    ‘Twas a huge amount of fun & I learnt a thing or two about fashion photography, bring on the spring or Easter bunnies collection. The mind boggles x

  2. Debs

    Next stop Vogue . . . Or Hello! If it still exists. Have you tried playing I spy and making snow angels? 31 degrees here (that’s + and in celsius) and I wouldn’t mind trading you a few degrees for a couple of days . . .

  3. Eve

    The fatal gift of beauty! (Byron, I think, of Italy). Seriously, looks like you had huge fun and do manage to look beautiful! Xx Eve

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