Meltdown? Not yet..

Made it to the end of the week, but without much respite from the cold. Indeed we had another foot of snow a couple of nights ago.

It might be chilly but it’s GLORIOUS out there. Blue sky, swathes of white and this morning: twinkles. Actually the sparkly bits do indicate that there is ice about, so although it looks fab, things are getting a bit more treacherous outdoors.

Meanwhile indoors we had a power cut. For four hours. It’s a strange business not knowing which services you’re going to have and for how long…but after checking that it was the whole village (it was) and scurrying around the house gathering candles, playing cards and a bottle opener before sunset, the time flew by!

Things that we have learnt this week:

  1. cold wreaks havoc with your skin. A minimum of 4 layers of face cream is mandatory and every room needs a tube of handcream;
  2. the candle stash must be easily accessible in the dark;
  3. socks need changing surprisingly infrequently (tmi?);
  4. not having obvious toilet and playing out facilities drives Shest quite mad;
  5. regular village walks in snowy blizzards are very sociable;
  6. a flannel provides a surprisingly thorough clean;
  7. Johnny the neighbours’ cat proves to be a polite house guest and
  8. firewood gives you splinters. Everywhere.




6 thoughts on “Meltdown? Not yet..

  1. Pat Richardson

    Oh my! You really seem to enjoy it don’t you!! ⛄☃⛇

    I HATE winter. I tolerate it because 1. My birthday is in November 🎂 2. Christmas is in December 🎅 3. The snowdrops🌱 are poking through by January and I can look forward to all the glorious delights🌷⚘🌼🌹🌸🐞🌿 that the garden never fails to provide. We’ve had a smidgen of snow today and survived to tell the tale! If we have as much as Bulgaria, I think I might lose the will to live! 😱 Keep the blogs coming, love em. And keep warm of course. Say hello to Mitko. Love P&B. Xxx

  2. Helly

    So twinkles but I don’t envy you. Me and snow/ice are not friends after 2009: the year of the (broken) leg. Keep cuddling! Xx

    1. Anne

      That could SO EASILY be me at any time. Even the weather forecast is warning: “…can be slippery” so I’m walking like a robot. Attractive.

  3. You are infinitely more “glass is half full” about the snow and cold than I ever was when in Bulgaria. Happily for me – though disappointingly for the children – it has not snowed at all yet this year in DC (though the political blizzards seem more than sufficient).

    1. Anne

      Well it was LOVELY and…well, NEW, so it was quite easy to be positive! All blue sky and twinkliness.

      This week however is grey, slushy, icy, cold, sleety and miserable. Soups getting less and less interesting as the fridge gets emptier, villagers are getting tetchy with each other, our city ‘hairdressers’ car won’t go anywhere, so I can very much confirm we’re getting REALLY BORED OF IT now.

      Still we did have a bit of a giggle earlier on in the week, with a few silly photos which I’ll put up later! Good luck your side of the pond! xx

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