Life Goes On?

So anyway, 2016.

Seriously, has there been a time when NEWS has been quite this prolific? There doesn’t seem to be even a moment to pick yourself up and check your bruises, before the next NEWS comes along to smash you in the face. In the wake of all this, I have to confess that I have struggled to shake off a rather dense cloud of gloom. Especially when I stumble across articles like this.

Coco 2
Coco Bean

I know, right? I’m one of the most positive people I know, and yet right now I’m saddled with a bloody great black dog. (No offence to Coco, who’s actually a bloody great black dog.) 

Funnily enough, it was just recently that we found a (not quite so big) black dog wriggling out from where we park the car. Our neighbour, Apostol mentioned to Jeremy that he’d seen a red one sneaking under the new JJ-designed gate as well. And then I saw a bigger, bonier hound pretending to be part of the furniture out there, clearly hoping I hadn’t seen him. So at least three mutts have rather cleverly discovered the cool area (literally and metaphorically) of Claire’s garage. They get much needed respite from the hot sun, and a safe zone where they won’t get chased, shouted at or beaten by locals.

Mmm quite. Well, it IS Bulgaria.  <shudders>  See what I mean? GLOOM.

There has however been a teeny little ray of light in the form of a be-whiskered, purring bag of pin-like bones, which appeared on the front steps the other day. There I was, minding my own business and focussing on ‘finding what feels good’ on my yoga mat with yet another of Adriene‘s fabulous YouTube videos, when I heard a little squeak.

See that saucer? It’s an espresso saucer. THAT’s how insanely small this thing is.

There sat a miniscule kitty utterly defying physics with it’s ability to…well, even stand up. I have NEVER seen anything quite so skeletal, and yet with so much zest for life! This clever little grublet came a-mewing to the right doorstep.

After a quick espresso-saucer of milk, it joined me for the rest of yoga: purred at my down dog and possed in my hair during shavasana. Since then it’s followed Jeremy round the garden, hurled itself through the cat flap (already he’s cleverer than Furdy who couldn’t get his whiskers around how that worked), exchanged kisses with Johnny (potentially his dad) and frightened the life out of Shest & Sedem who are veritable GIANTS in comparison.

So it seems, life does go on – whatever disasters might be happening in other corners of the world.

Happily ever after…

Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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