Petrovden in NovoP

It was one of those unique, unplannable evenings. It should have been a normal night at Mitko’s: the NovoP ex-pats getting together for dinner to celebrate Maura being back in the village for a few days.

Except Terzieva Kushta was HEAVING when we got there. Ear-splitting, diddly-diddly music was slicing through the windows, the baseline making the walls shake, and an all too frequent tsunami of noise crashed through the door as revellers were released from the writhing mass of dancers inside – or rejoined the throng. 


Petrovden. Apparently it’s a gypsy thing. In all our years in the village we hadn’t seen quite how massive it actually was – yet this year they’ve descended on Terzieva Kushta to party there. Flippineck.

As each of us arrived separately – Mike, the great Danes, us – we opened the door, saw the craziness inside and promptly shut it again, declaring that there was no way we were going to be able to have our soiree in there. All of us except Maura, who dragged Steve through the hordes, screaming: “We just have to wait in here for everybody! It’s fine!!”

IMG_3035 IMG_3036IMG_3038

Jeremy rescued them a couple of beers later – just in time to save Steve from assuming the foetal position and Maura from dancing on the bar.

Meanwhile, Mike recommended we visit his little shop round the corner. “They serve bits and pieces there – and they’ve got beer.” Great! Nadezhda certainly did have beer. Nearly enough chairs, too. She spent the whole evening wearing a bemused expression, as we bought up her stocks of crisps, nuts, moving on to salami and a block of cheese, ordering a chopping board and a knife to go with it all.


So seven of us enjoyed an impromptu picnic in a shop! Ideal really, as not only could we hear what we were saying , but we could also round off our sumptuous meal with a HUGE piece of chocolate cake each. Yum!


4 thoughts on “Petrovden in NovoP

  1. Like that classic bit of Bulgarian culture expressed by “ще стане” (it will work out). People don’t seem too troubled by a bit of improvisation; it’s how life just gets worked out.

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