Simon says…

…get my flippin kitchen finished!

Actually he didn’t say that, but the fact that he’s booked tickets to come over this year has spurred me into action to show you how it’s looking after having had Russell sort out the BIG issues (mould, damp, roof leaks, water damage etc) and then give it all a lick or two – or three – of paint. 

So do you remember we left you with a view of the kitchen looking like this, after Simon’s “Man That Couldn’t” had finished with it?

Mouldy kitchen
Raining in  …the lounge

Well, after the painting it looked like this:

Removed the shelving and black ‘shrooms

Jeremy put some basic elements together to make a working kitchen, and I went a bit mad with that lovely gold paint and some curtains (thank you for those Pauline), so now it looks more like this:

A new sofa has already arrived and things are already a lot more cozy for Simon & Philip, and we – the kitchen fitters – just popped over to Stefan K to finish off a couple of things, so now, when they do get themselves over here, we’ll be able to go and visit as actual guests rather than staff!

If they’ll have us, that is…


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