Magnetic Personalities

The new cat flap has been installed upstairs giving the cats dog-free access to the house! Yippee!!

Look at the size of it! (Osem's magnet)
Osem shows off his pendant

We splashed out on a magnetic cat flap, which can only be unlocked by those sporting a special magnet key on their collars. I’d seen mixed reviews of these, with some cat parents complaining that their fur-kids were coming in with cutlery, paperclips and other metal appendages attached to them, but after we’d had numerous ‘fragrant’ visits from non-resident felines, we figured we should give it a go.

After initial scepticism from our three, somewhat weighed down by the pendulous load round their necks, they got the hang of it (pun intended). Hurrah! No more unwanted visitors.


One thought on “Magnetic Personalities

  1. MOXO

    Simon will be delighted with The Progress I,m sure! and there is an alternative job for the pair of you if you get bored with writing and designing just when the sun is shining! Interesting you have traMXcked down Nikolai Botushev-what is his claim to fame? Not another aggressive zealot I hope–SOMEONE must be a peacemaker over there!! We are still backing Mitko..MOXO..

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