Because I’m Worth It?

I had my hair cut! Not such a big deal, right?


Here’s what I have learnt from this latest experience:

If when you pop your head into the salon, you see an octogenarian client with a grey rinse in the styling chair, sporting a solid-looking, velcro-type hairstyle and you think she’s just arrived for her appointment, but is actually just being finished off – RUN!

Ignoring this early warning sign, we strolled in with confidence, already committed. The stylist proceeded to wash my hair even though I said I’d just done that thank you, dried it in a damp towel with a strong aroma of mould, then sat me down in front of the mirror and asked me if I wanted a L’Oreal.

I’m sorry, a what?

On reflection of course I should have asked her to explain what exactly a L’Oreal is, but she just held up a strand of my hair asked if that was short enough and snipped. I was speechless. And, seeing as it’s been a good 15 years since my last shorter than ‘quite long’ hair cut, really quite scared.

As the minutes ticked by, I could barely bring myself to look.  I can’t see a thing without my glasses anyway, so there I was, mute and blind, with just the menacing sound of the scissors slashing around my ears.

If that weren’t stressful enough, the stylist then pointed to my upper lip and offered to whip off my ‘tache whilst she was at it. I know, right?! Tact was clearly not one of this lady’s strong points. If this service is what her usual clients get, then I’m not hopeful that this haircut is going to take years off me. Quite the opposite, indeed.

Resigning myself to the fact I was being turned into a 90-year-old, I was mildly disappointed I didn’t have to sit under one of those vintage hood dryers, but she did manage to sear my scalp whilst blow drying the “L’Oreal” into a strange, curled under ‘do.

Then me and my hair I had to sit IN PUBLIC waiting for Jeremy to be shorn (his cut went totally smoothly and looks fine, by the way) before I could run around the corner and stick my head in a puddle.

I don’t think I’ll be going back there.

Hair Today
All right then I’ll show you a bit of it

4 thoughts on “Because I’m Worth It?

  1. Alan Sayles

    Try again! Could be worse…At least you have more than I have, or for that matter, most of the male side of your family, except for bearded Daniel! Alan

    1. Anne

      OF COURSE YOU’RE RIGHT ALAN! Actually, (between you and me) I’ve actually come to rather like it. I’m calling it my ‘marilyn’ phase. In retrospect, I think it was the shock of having a complete change of appearance without having made the decision myself, that was the biggest blow.

      …and, hold on a minute Daniel has a beard? Goodness me. I thought he was about six. #growingupwhilstmnotlooking

      Tis lovely to hear from you – thank you for reading xxx

    1. Anne

      Well I did feel a bit Samson as I left (as opposed to Delilah who was rubbing her hands with glee in the salon at the fortune she’d just made from these unsuspecting anglichani), but am starting to bounce back now. Thank you for your lovely comments as ever 😀 😉 Love you xx

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