The Day JJ Went Shopping For Nail Varnish…

Work In Progress

…with a man.

I know that JJ has been busy in Burgas, zipping backwards and forwards between the apartment and various suppliers, with a view to getting our rather beautifully designed kitchen installed. It’s his thing you see: clean lines, Italian design and glossy lacquer. What I didn’t realise is that capturing this chic meant visiting cosmetic counters of the mall.

Let me explain. When the kitchen was delivered it was discovered that there was a rather unsightly scratch on one of the door panels. On taking it back to the shop, they told him that they preferred to try and fix it rather than sending it back. Fair enough – off to Aiko’s warehouse.

“I see…” says Dimitar, examining the abrasion. “Perhaps there is a car paint that we can use to cover it up?” he muses.

I should probably have mentioned that this particular kitchen door is a rather fluorescent shade of green. There is not a car in the WORLD, let alone in Bulgaria that is going to be that colour, so they must think again.

“Nail varnish!” exclaims Dimitar. “It is the same material as the glossy lacquer, you just need to find the right shade.” Jeremy takes a beat, agrees and starts making tracks. Hastily pulling down the shutters on his counter, Dimitar calls after him: “I’ll come with you!”

With that, two straight men strut into the Galleria and browse the make up aisles, earnestly assessing the various formulas and colours of nail polish on offer, whilst sales assistants look on, bemused.

Incredibly, despite the lurid shade of green, they were successful in their manly quest. What a bit of luck the 1980s are back in fashion.

Varnish Panel


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