The 70s Arrive In NovoP

It was a while since I know, but I haven’t yet told you all about the fabulous fancy dress party organised by the lovely Jeremy to celebrate my ‘significant birthday’ last summer. Although billed as a surprise, I kind of knew about it…how else could I explain turning up at Terzieva Kushta dressed like this??

Wonder Woman
An ordinary day in the village

Interestingly, it turns out that my husband is a pretty good liar after all. Under the guise of organising the surprise bit of the party (cake, music etc) he was actually colluding with friends from the UK and I was completely bowled over when Sir Thew, Debs and Rob turned up unannounced! Struck dumb with amazement (yes really), I couldn’t believe they’d come all this way…and made what was already going to be one heck of a knees up into EVEN MORE FUN!

Surprise! No really, a HUGE surprise!!

It was a real treat to see how many people pulled all the costume stops out, from hippie to punk, flares to flower power. It was most noticeable in the facial hair department with some gents sporting styles that haven’t (or shouldn’t have) been seen outside of a porn movie for three decades. Check out these gems:

Despite the heat of the evening, Zumba Stan came armed with a playlist and I found myself – or indeed Wonder Woman – throwing some surprisingly energetic zumba shapes alongside fellow zumbichki, in heels that were certainly not designed for that kind of leaping around.

Ooooh but I had a ball! Thank you so much to ALL OF YOU that helped make it as much fun as it was. Here’s to the next 39 and a 1/2 (ouch). Oh, and if you’re still in the mood, there are a whole load more pics taken by JJ throughout the evening – grab yourself a cup of tea and click here if you fancy a good giggle!


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