Tourists in English Idyll

I know it’s been a while since it all happened – over a third of a year in fact – but I wanted to share pictures of our last trip back to the UK. The main reason for going, was to get to see our brilliant cousin Tim get married to the fabulous Julie. There’s nothing like a wedding at the best of times, but for us emigrants who don’t get to see family so often, it was extra-special as there was a whole heap of rellies in one room – and everybody was dressed up, relaxed and happy.

Don’t we scrub up well??

It was particularly great as MothAg, Helly, Nathan and we were all in the same hotel and could play together in between times, as you can see from some of the outtakes, below. The rest of the ‘official’ wedding pics that JJ took are on his Flickr site, if you’d like to see The Whole Day through Jeremy’s eyes.

So, ahem, perhaps we can organise it so someone gets married every time we go back…? Hm? Anyone??

Here’s some more pics from the rest of the weekend. The real ale festival we fell across, the trip on an old steam train between and general loveliness with family…

…oh and not to be forgotten is the fact that it was JJ’s birthday so we were forced to enjoy another wonderful – and delicious – evening with Sue & Carl at The Trout. We are thankful for such lovely family!


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