Fresh Basil Sauce

Remember the glut of nasturtiums? Well, in a similar vein, we have rather a lot of basil too. Look at it! Loads.

…there are some sneaky nasturtiums in there too

When we can get hold of parmesan and can afford a bag of pine nuts we have been making pesto, but surely there are some other basil-y things we can do?

There certainly are! We found one of them in Ainsley Harriott’s Barbecue Bible, where we have been discovering all sorts of new and interesting things to chuck on the barbie. This sauce is great drizzled over fish, or slathered over the inside of a wrap filled with char-grillied veg, on pasta…the list is endless.

Osem is so bowled over that he almost woke up. Almost.


So anyway, it’s so easy and quick – blink and you’ll miss it. Here’s our take on it:

Pick 45g basil of it if you can find that much. I was backwards and forwards to the weighing scales and finally stopped somewhere around 35g as it was taking FOREVER.

IMG_20140727_202859Chuck it in the whizzer with 1 tablespoon lemon juice until the basil is a paste. It might take a bit of moving and shaking to get all the leaves hacked.


Slowly add 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper and keep whizzing until it’s all mashed up. Put in serving jug-ette and taste it. (I added a bit more lemon juice.)

Get drizzlin’.

Basil Sauce money shotTHE END! (Told you it was quick)




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