Mitko goes upmarket

It was a balmy evening so what better way to spend it than to go for a little jaunt in the Rolls? Of course not everybody has the luxury to purr around the village roads* enjoying the scenery in a vintage motor, but on this particular evening, John suggested that Mitko have a go in his 1994 saloon.

Zlatina settled into the back, quickly getting used to the spacious interior and looking every bit the First Lady, whilst Mitko drove the party from Yasna Polyana back to NovoP, drawing up outside Terzieva Kushta as if he’d driven it (and a right hand drive) all his life!

“I never in my dreams thought I’d drive a car like that,” he said later on, excitement written all over his face. What a treat!!

* veering wildly to avoid potholes, of course – I didn’t really want to say that though, as it rather detracts from that relaxed, countryside feel. Still, it is Bulgaria…


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