Then, Simon says…

…let’s go on the dodgems! Let’s eat candy floss! Let’s hire bikes!!

So we did. All of it! It’s fab to have people over to play out with – Simon & Philip are brilliant guests: independent, thoughtful and up for anything. The perfect combo.

We explored all over: Stefan K, Boliyarovo, Primorsko and NovoP over the festival weekend:

We even went to Zumba and finished up having a great fun day out in Burgas. The initial plan was to hop on the boat to St Anastasia Island, but fate was Not That Kind and we were Left Outside Alone, as it was full before we could get on. It was Heavy On My Heart at first, but after we got all the Anastasia song titles out of our systems we were pretty Sick and Tired, and found heaps of other things to do instead.

Check out some of the pictures of our antics – thanks to Simon & Philip for a fab time and their photographic contributions!


2 thoughts on “Then, Simon says…

    1. Anne

      Of course they are – YOU’RE in them, you gorgeous beast, you. Glad to see you’re reading the blog. We’ll have to get you over here again for the next Simon says… instalment! xx

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