Burgas Apt

It felt like a while since splashing out on bricks and mortar, I’ve paid off my mortgage and we’re officially not allowed to contribute to our pensions any more, so we figured what the heck. Let’s buy a flat!

We’ve always been tempted by Burgas, we love its vibe and more recently it’s had a load of cash poured into its infrastructure, more than proving itself to be up and coming, so it seemed to be the best place to start looking for our investment. It didn’t take long.

In fact it took us a month from the day we saw the flat to owning it outright. The final bit involved us and the sellers sitting in front of a serious man at the Notary who peered over his glasses and asked us each individually (as a priest would, were we getting married) –

“Do you agree to sell this flat to these two across the table?” and then..”Do you agree to buy it?”

We all said our respective “I do’s” and got the keys! It was rather exciting to be able to understand so much more of the transaction process this time, although we did have a translator to help with the longer words.

So now we have somewhere to play out, when we’re missing the culture, buzz and bright lights of city life. Brilliant! Well, it will be when we have furniture, a kitchen, a working bathroom including a sink that doesn’t have an open plug socket just underneath it – oh, and wi-fi.

In the meantime, whilst Jeremy slaps a layer of varnish on the newly sanded floors, I have resorted to working in the only room in the place with a seat.

Anne on the John
Anne (working on the) John

2 thoughts on “Pied-à-terre

    1. Anne

      We can’t wait to receive you (so to speak). Thanks for the pic compliment. Quite a sight indeed….. sorry about that!

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