Simon says…


We have a very strong connection with Simon’s house as it was our first introduction to life in Bulgaria and it was there that we hatched our crazy plan to move over here (- initially for six months, but we’ll gloss over that bit, seeing as that was nearly eight years ago).

So when Simon’s little village residence was botched and neglected by his last ‘property manager’ it was just as heart-wrenching for us to see it overgrown outside and covered in black mould indoors as it was for him. So when we found ourselves with a spare couple of weeks* this year, we decided to see whether we – with the help of expert builder, Bulgarian house renovation specialist and all round good bloke, Russell – could get it back to some semblance of loveliness.

It’s still a work in progress but we are pleased to report that upstairs is 100% better, cleaned up of mould and freshly painted everywhere, the bathroom looks a treat resplendent with its new golden hatstand, lighting, sink unit and curtains, and (perhaps more importantly) the water doesn’t cascade through the kitchen ceiling** when you turn it on at the mains any more.

Bathroom afterNow it’s time to turn the kitchen from the state that we found it (see below) into a cozy living area, so watch this space!

Mouldy kitchen
…not so cozy


* OK, it’s taking a teensy bit longer than that.

** Yes, that is indeed how it was left. Jeremy said I shouldn’t name and shame, but it seems so AWFUL that he got away with it – along with a lot of money for work that was never done. He’s in Germany now, but that’s not to say he won’t be back…


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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