Snow Joke

Throwing Zumba shapes in a cold room for an hour, the high-octane exertion induces whoops of excitement – and buckets of sweat. Afterwards we pop on a couple of layers (those of us who haven’t completely seized up) and venture outside into ice-cold Burgas air, which quickly turns into this year’s final snow dumping before spring. Not long after that, I discover…

…this is THE BEST WAY TO FEEL RUBBISH FOR OVER TWO WEEKS. As my 102.2F reading on the food thermometer (we don’t have a human one), days and nights of fitful sleep and further buckets of sweat confirmed.

The plummeting temperature from balmy to arctic over 24 hours confused my body beyond all measure! Prior to that weekend, we’d noted the opening of primroses, crocuses and those other gorgeous little star flowers on the forest floor, heard the familiar bass hum of the bees and smelled the unmistakeable tang of spring in the air. And then …SNOW!

Frosty Daff
One surprised daffodil

What I hadn’t banked on was the darkness of mood that accompanies this particular strain of flu. How lucky that Jeremy survived unscathed, as I stared into the abyss of hopelessness, teetering on the brink of an apathy I couldn’t see past, wading through a mire of gloom and desperation. I don’t do a lot of negative, so you can imagine all that in one go was a bit of a shocker.

It’s ok now though.

One thing I could get excited about – even though I didn’t have the get-up-and-go to actually, erm…go – was the spring walk-and-a-kavarma that we’d organised. Six kilometres on undulating terrain to appreciate those aforementioned flowers and bees and generally shake winter from people’s bones.

It was a success! Seven friends and two dogs trudged up the hills out of the village, through the forests, walked a part of the road to the old village, breathed in the beauty of the Strandzha and followed goat tracks back along the reservoir and to finish at Terzieva Kushta for a well-deserved Bulgarian stew. In addition the little team managed to raise 45 Euros for the Burgas Animal Friends Foundation who do a lot of great work rescuing the dogs and cats of the region. Hurrah!


3 thoughts on “Snow Joke

  1. Alan Sayles

    Hi Anne,

    Remember my motto – exercise kills! Sorry to hear about the result in your case (slightly better), and glad to know that you have now recovered. Best wishes for renewed springtime and spring in step.


    1. Anne

      I had no idea you had such a positive motto, Alan!!!!!! Neither was I expecting quite such violent response to that Zumba class, but here’s hoping I’ll be well enough for the next one on Sunday. Apart from this naughty cough that hasn’t quite let go, it’s all systems go looking forward to spring and getting a few zillion seeds started for the garden!
      Thanks for the comment, lovely to see you on here 🙂 xx

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