Wine Day (and beyond)

Jeremy appears to have become the non-official and yet entirely expected photographer for all village events. This year’s Wine Day (or Trifon Zarezan as it’s known) was no different.

After the ceremonial vine-clipping in Todor & Kitchka’s garden presided over by our be-lipsticked mayoress and the even grander mayor of Primorsko, there was the obligatory horo in the street before the village wine competition began in earnest. 

We are happy to report that Terzieva Kushta was the venue of choice for the tasting once again, with Mitko making sure everybody was looked after. Entrants brought their home-made wine to the event in battered water containers and old cola bottles, all of which were decanted into carafes. The tasting team sniffed, swirled and deliberated before awarding certificates. I had a little tipple myself and was very pleasantly surprised at the colour, bouquet and taste of the wine I tried – very impressive for a local brew. We’re used to homemade wines presenting with more than a hint of nail-polish remover!

Whilst Jeremy was mingling with his photos’ ‘subjects’, a not-very-well Martha and I amused ourselves making Valentine cards each for Mitko and Tania as well as owls out of loo roll insides. We had a hoot!

There were a few requests for copies of the day’s photographs, so as a little experiment we printed out a selection and displayed them at Terzieva Kushta for a week. We picked up the clipboard last week and a grand total of NINE have been ordered. 

Photo Board


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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