January: Blink and you’ll miss it.

We nearly did! Admittedly most of it was spent wishing the month away, whilst huddled upstairs waiting for Russell’s magic to happen downstairs: wall insulation, floor varnishing, shelving construction and painting. Indeed it’s amazing how quickly you get used to living in a small space again. Using the bedroom as a temporary living room meant that finding crumbs, telephones, books, magazines, cats and the remote control in amongst the sheets at all times of night and day was perfectly normal.

Like sardines, we were

We ran away to Sofia one weekend, taking the brand new motorway which took just 4.5 hours from NovoP, slicing a good two hours off the journey time on the old route. A total of 10 hours was spent in IKEA over two days (I kid you not) and the rest getting lost in fog in between said Swedish furniture wonderland and our disappointingly uncomfortable hotel.

Where’s our shopping?

Now here we are at the tail end of bleakest January, we can appreciate how much progress has been made! As a result of Jeremy’s design and Russell’s work, things are looking a lot smarter in the living room, we have loads more storage in the kitchen and perhaps most importantly: IT’S WARMER everywhere.

At the time of typing, NovoP is under a blanket of snow and temperatures are reported to be -5, with a ‘Real Feel’ of -16. (Eleven degrees difference, how is that even possible?!) And yet the living room is toasty. Russell, we salute you: your advice and hard graft have been invaluable and your wonderful Midland catchphrases have been the source of much merriment. Thank you for everything.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, start off by looking at some of the chaos…

…and compare it to where we are now!

In other news, Jeremy is exhibiting some of his photos at the Tea House in Burgas for six weeks from 10th February. You can get more info if you ‘Like’ his rather professional Facebook page. Poster to follow on here!


3 thoughts on “January: Blink and you’ll miss it.

    1. Anne

      Every day is an adventure, we still pinch ourselves occasionally -even now-wondering how we managed to get here! Thank you for stopping by – do pop in again. Best wishes, Anne 🙂

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