Whilst playing Mr & Mrs recently (anniversary gift), one of the questions was: Which month do you spend the most? Jeremy thought August as we would be going out more, but I countered that the boiler is hardly on, and we’re eating the garden. So, maybe February?

It turns out that this year, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s October.


We took a trip up north to go to David & Graham’s wedding party, where we met a heap of lovely people and got chance to hang with the fabulous Helgi & Paul at the same time. It was all going so well until they introduced us to an unassuming chap called Duncan.

2013-10-05 13.26.07
Jeremy & Helgi survey Sevlievo

2013-10-05 12.45.50

You see, he does house clearances. In Bulgaria! Quite – there’s us thinking that old stuff just went on the fire when it was finished with. But no, at Duncan’s there were out-houses overflowing with trunks, stools, farm tools, weaving equipment, milk churns and spinning wheels, room after room of pictures, cabinets, crockery, rugs… so we filled the car! Oops.

Still, we think we did rather well, check out some of our finds!


Back home I’d been ignoring a sore shoulder thinking that it would go away. I reluctantly visited the doc, who prescribed me some anti-inflammatories (drugs..nooo!) and recommended a physio. An hour later, I’d been examined, had my back clicked and been prescribed TEN massages. Lovely. But of course they’re not free, either.

In an additional attempt to placate my vexed shoulder, we also splashed out on brand spanking new desk chairs to encourage correct posture whilst we spend all the hours that we do at our computers. The lady in the shop chuckled as we left, having each chosen a chair exactly matching our outfit…


We had the joy of organising getting the wood chain-sawed, chopped and stacked. Chain-sawing was easy: Ivan & Germanka took a couple of hours and 40 leva to do 8 cubic metres – great. Next bit not so straight forward. Germanka didn’t think 40 for chopping and 40 for stacking was enough, giving the money back.

“Do you want 80 leva?” asked Jeremy. Germanka continues to argue that he had to move the wood as well – all of about 4 metres. “Do you want 80 leva?” tries Jeremy again. This goes on for a while until he begrudgingly takes the cash and goes away.


The outside of the house has been well and truly zhoozhed. What with Ag’s help in putting a roof on the car port, and Russell improving the weatherproofing of the terrace with a protective layer of concrete and tiles, the place already has a more finished air about it. A new, bigger hole has been smashed in the kitchen wall, and is all ready for the arrival of a new, bigger window later on today.

2013-11-01 14.52.13Accidental shopping

There was this pink handbag. Oh, and some boots in a sale. I couldn’t help it – they are fabulous. Stoptober has a lot to answer for.

Forget Movember, we’re headed for Econo-vember and a heap more DIY projects to fill those long, dark evenings.

Some examples of cheaper entertainment:


One thought on “Spend-tober

  1. Tcherga Drinker

    Loving the Clearance collection, very jealous of that little lot. It looks like it could have been Hook -tober, never mind Spend-tober! xx

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