Not quite the response we were expecting when it was noted that both Jeremy and I had had our respective barnets tidied up this month, although admittedly a visit to the hairdresser was long overdue.

It got me thinking that there have been other, far more worthy recipients of hearty congratulations this month. See below for the contenders:

  • Our car, which passed its MOT some three months after it was due. Bravo Sylvia!SAM_9577
  • Ivan, who has ‘filled the gap’, and has a brand new set of teeth, looking not dissimilar to an American film star nowadays.
  • Boian for bravely taking us on as his students of Bulgarian. Yup, we join the ranks of those who went back to school this month, and we are finally learning Bulgarian – properly. *Gulp*
  • Terzieva Kushta for hosting two more super-successful evenings, Bulgarian Curry Night II and Music Night II. A selection of pics are available on their Facebook page.
  • Two rooms in our house that have come into their own since being swapped around. Putting the battered leather sofa in the one place where light pours in has proved an ingenious idea, allowing us to be sat bathed in late summer sunshine whilst reading and lounging in the extension. Similarly moving the dining room onto the landing has worked a treat, and even more so since the addition of a rather fetching rug that we found in a bin in Burgas. Kirsty would be proud.
  • Lovely Elena who’s birthday was this weekend.
  • My bike for not giving up on me, after I’d ignored it since my unfortunate altercation with tarmac last year, and costing a mere £8 for a bit of an overhaul. It turns out it is a lot easier to ride when the brakes aren’t perpetually on.
  • Pauline & Russell, who have taken on little Poppet, a young dog we had seen running around the village, gradually deteriorating in health. Hungry, cowering, flea and mange-ridden, Poppet appeared at Curry Night II in a terrible state. She very quickly stole the hearts of her generous rescuers, but gave them another scare when she collapsed suffering from Lyme disease a few days ago, but we’re pleased to report she has bounced back, her fur is growing back and she’s turning into a loving dog since the most recent visit to the vet.
  • Cuz Tim & the gorgeous Julie who have just announced their engagement. Yippee to them! So pleased and wish them every happiness. And of course yay to Jasmine who CANNOT WAIT to be a bridesmaid.
  • Maura who threw an extremely successful children’s party celebrating five years of Martha, introducing the likes of Musical Bumps and Pass The Parcel to appreciative squeals from Bulgarian and Gypsy kids, who were fuelled by electric blue cake.
  • SONY DSCSue & Carl who were such brilliant guests and up-for-anything during their trip over here. They were, as are many other visitors tend to be, pleasantly surprised by what Bulgaria has to offer.. and we packed so much in I wouldn’t be surprised if they needed a holiday to recover from their holiday. A photo blog of their stay is available for your perusal (and giggles).
  • David and Graham for their forthcoming nuptials, possibly the first of its kind to take place at the British Embassy in Sofia. Big love to both of them.
  • …oh and and a teensy bit of self-congratulation to Jeremy and me for making it to FIVE YEARS OF MARRIAGE! To celebrate, we really pushed the boat out and had dinner at a new restaurant in Burgas: Burger King. Easy to please? Me?? Definitely.

A few other highlights in pictures…


2 thoughts on “Chestito!

  1. I vote for Pauline and Russel. I think their readiness to take Poppet in and their dedication to her improvement deserves the heartiest congratulations.

    1. Anne

      …I love that you VOTED. Pauline & Russell are definitely worthy candidates for winner of September’s CHESTITO PRIZE! You are still in the running of course. Maybe we should do this every year??

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