Hi Ho!

Oops, a bit late this month, sorry about that. In fact, February turned extremely busy, ticking huge amounts off The Big List – the ongoing task list saved on Dropbox so that we can both access it, strike things off and …ahem, add to it.

Strangely, this flurry of DIY was kick-started by Ivan. We returned from our skiing trip to find he had taken the initiative and tidied up the pointing on the bare stone wall in the extension. This wasn’t exactly what we had planned, but did mean that we were galvanised into action.

What a smart wall

Look at it now! The straggly wires are all neatly tucked away and cornicing finishes it off. This was just the beginning….we repainted the skirting, architrave and two walls. The doors to the washing machine cabinet have also been hung, finished, painted, with handles and architrave added. In addition the side of that cabinet has been finished with wallpaper and a rather fetching mirror which means I can keep an eye on Jeremy from the kitchen — and vice versa.

Cabinet Sauvignon

Check out the progress in the kitchen too! The boiler is fully boxed in and all the pipes are hidden behind a particularly attractive cabinet.


There must have been something in the air as the bathroom is also looking much sleeker with its grey repaint and new tile splashback.

Clearly NOT a bath.

It’s also time to submit the company’s 0 leva turnover. Our accountant has always been perfectly accommodating since the off, but this time when we asked how much it would be, she replied 100 leva. Which is a bit weird as it was 60 last year, as Jeremy pointed out to her. “Alright then, 60 leva,” she said, without skipping a beat. This blatant attempt at overcharging was almost more unsettling because of the absolute apathy with which we were faced! It just reminds how different our cultures are. I would at least have had the decency to blush bright red at being caught out….

Continuing on an administrative theme, we have finally – after nearly six years of living in Bulgaria – signed up with a doctor. She is WONDERFUL! Impeccable English, an excellent bedside manner, and positive endorsements from every one of her patients we met in her queue at the surgery. Right there at our first appointment, a routine blood pressure test and ECG ensured that everything was in working order and paperwork was minimal. Very impressive. Could it be that Bulgaria is dragging itself into the 21st century?

Burgas aiport
The ex-car park at the airport

The airport suggests so. On our way to the UK, we noticed Burgas airport  is nearly all building site with a brand shiny new terminal looking to be completed by winter. (If Ivan was on it, they’d be done by Easter, but that’s another story.)

This trip to Blighty gave us the opportunity to catch up with a lot of friends and family, even squeezing in an early Mothers’ Day, Nathan’s 40th, some serious quality time with Helly who has found herself with a tad more on her hands recently, including a trip to the Wallace Collection – oh, and I bought a piano! I’ll tell you more about that later though.

In the meantime, happy spring!

AH chainmail
Got the giggles dressing up at The Wallace Collection
chainmail mothag
Ag & Moth ready for battle (with fleece & handbag)
Mothers’ Day…
Nathan 40
…and Nathan’s birthday
Sue 40
Not a day over!

One thought on “Hi Ho!

  1. Helly

    I LOVE the boiler cupboard! When can King Jeremy come to make me one that matches my shiny new kitchen floor??!! ;o)

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