Christmas Party Goes with A Sting

Just a quick missive (oxymoronic, sorry) to catch you up with NovoP news – wanted to pop in early so that we don’t miss you before the Big Day.

In fact, in Bulgaria Christmas starts today, and as I type the locals will be feasting on vegetarian fayre, anything from jams, fruit, bread, vine leaves and rice, until midnight when they will probably all be too full and tipsy to enjoy the meat course to celebrates Jesus’ actual birthday.

frozen garden
It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!
Xmas Sedem
Sedem Claus (Claws?)
Xmas living
Festive frolicking in the living room

We’ve been rushing around preparing ourselves for the arrival of our VIP guests, ready to have the first Christmas with Helly in YEARS. The last week or so hasn’t all been plain sailing however (when is it ever?!)

“Come to ours!” we cried magnanimously. “We’ll have a weekend-before-you-go-back-to-England party and we’ll have a big dinner and a silly time of it.”

** cut to Saturday night **

Guests arrived, the posh champagne flutes were unearthed and merriness ensued. I took a couple of sips from my glass and was promptly stung on the finger by a lone wasp that had got into the living room (I don’t know either). Anyway not long after I went all itchy, hot and flustery, my heart started whooshing in my ears and then (horror of horrors) my face started swelling up! So, looking like the elephant woman with a rash from head to toe…

…a(nother) ambulance was called. I was hooked up to a drip hung on our hat-stand and pumped full of lots of pretty strong stuff and missed the whole blimmin party! The upshot is that I’m now properly sensitised to wasp stings and have to call 112 (yup, we know the number now!) if I’m stung again, and also have a couple of syringes of fast-acting stuff that I will need a nurse to administer. Our (new) doc is looking into the availability of the Epi-pen.


hatstand drip
Hooked up to the hatstand in my little pink room..

In between all of this Elena has written and organised rehearsals for a Christmas show to keep the village youth busy during the long winter evenings. It premiered – ok there was only one – on Friday and went down a storm, with the whole venue roaring with laughter at crossing dressing chaps doing sketches and amazed at dance routines to current hits including, you’ve guessed it, Gangnam Style.

X dressing
Cross-dressing dames (not just a British tradition it would seem)
A bit of belly dancing to get us in the mood for … mince pies

Anyway it’s time to make final preps for the arrival of H&N (get wood in, find hiding place of spare duvet, ice those muffins…) so I’ll close for now. Wishing you a magnificently merry Christmas, a boisterous new year celebration and much love and success in 2013.

MM family
In an alternate universe, here’s the perfect family!!!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Party Goes with A Sting

  1. Debs

    Poor you with wasp stress. Hope you’ll still be able to enjoy fruity cocktails in the sun!

    Happy New Year to The Johns! Thanks for a year of interesting updates/great photos.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you in person/here in 2013:-)


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