Spring Into Action

We were glad to spend the first few days of March chez Oxford Sue, having a bit of a sort through and clear out after Grandma’s funeral. We hung pictures, moved furniture, looked through photo albums, retuned the telly, put things in piles, dropped off at charity shops (and bought as well, I confess) and in between all that were able to relax too, with a visit to the cinema to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was great! Yes, the auditorium was a host of silver, bespectacled, fleece-wearers, but I have the feeling we have more in common with this generation than our own! Admittedly we don’t do any baby-sitting of grandchildren…so perhaps that’s where the similarity ends.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Helly’s new beau, Nathan whilst we were over. It was a day filled with laughter, as we did an hour’s walk in sideways rain before we sat down in a very nice pub, put several layers of clothing on the nearest radiator, and watched a light steam rise whilst eating a splendid Sunday dinner.

Nathan’s Birthday Lunch (socks on radiator)
Waiting for taxi…it had snowed by this point

The UK was a bit earlier in getting spring started: blossom and daffs were already evident on our trip at the end of February. NovoP only started budding the week before the clocks changed, when the storks showed up to air their nests ready for this year’s brood. We’re on a roll now with blossom and spring flowers all over; even the bees have woken up providing a steady bass line for day to day life.


Ths month has been quite heavy on work for both of us, but in between we’ve been racing against the calendar to get seeds started. This time I’m trying a few flowers as well as the usual tomatoes and peppers, and I’m also seeing whether I can propagate more diverse herbs such as marjoram and thyme… I’ll keep you posted. It was time for the roses and clematis to be pruned, too, so I snuck out with my secateurs having checked the coast was clear. Just as I was making my final snips, a baba leaned over the fence to tell me I’d done it all wrong. So after rectifying my actions and cutting much futher back, it’s either dead or we’ll have the best roses in the village. Time will tell!


Jeremy worked hard in the garden putting in new wooden borders, whilst I was riding the travelators of Musikmesse. On my return we also reinstalled the solar lights. When unpacking them from winter storage, it turned out we have quite a few. So many in fact, that I could have arranged the Sofia flight to land in the garden.


In case the organic side of the garden didn’t constitute enough of a project, Jeremy has set Ivan the task of building a car port. Mainly to get the car off the road to avoid future altercations with dustbin lorries, but also to try and recycle some of the large amounts of building materials that we have accumulated, and we look forward to have some semblance of order around the outside of the house this year. I have to add, it’s nice to hear Ivan’s tuneful whistle from my window upstairs, very reminiscent of our first few months in the village.

Elena has also been busy, organising another show in the village to keep the kids entertained. We have clips and stills of the talented youth by the bucketload, with Jeremy now the established photographer/videographer at these events – and the tallest, whitest person in the room, to boot!!

Taking their bows
NovoP ‘review’ audience

So with friends old and new, we March into April with this coming month seeing Tom, Sue & Thelma in NovoP to experience spring in south eastern Bulgaria. We look forward to lots more exploring with them all! More soon…but before you go, check out the following clip from the NovoP Review


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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