Anyone seen spring?

We skipped back to Bulgaria with our hearts full of joy and expectation. March is here, martinitsas are being exchanged with friends and we are at beginning of a veritable flood of festivals including International Ladies Day and baby Marin’s celebration of 40–days-in-the-world party.


Flowers start poking their little leaves through the thawing ground. Blossom will appear on the trees. Birdies will wake us with their gentle song of a morning. Summer is just around the corner.

Hooray squared!

And yet as I type this, I am sitting in an internet café at the seaside in Primorsko wearing tights under my trousers again, the wind and a big blizzard whipping at the windows.

Yes, it is snowing again. And we have no internet at home. No, it’s not all that unusual, so we have taken it in our stride. Then the landline stopped working as well. Peculiar? Well, actually yes. But that was nothing. The electricity went off from about 10pm last night and continued to be unstable throughout the night.

So we packed up our electronics, swept the latest 5 inches of snow off the car and spluttered and skidded into Primorsko, setting up camp in a little café which offers free Wi-Fi – and rather good shopska salad it would appear – where we have been for the last 3 hours.

So the winter that we had really hoped would be over by the time we got back home seems to have popped in again. And currently doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of abating.  I guess we’ll be leaving the extra layer of duvet on for the time being then!


2 thoughts on “Anyone seen spring?

  1. Hi Guys – thank you for the latest news. Sounds grim in the cold without electricity at home. Hope it is back by now(??). We have been getting your cold winds from the east for some time now. Please ease off! Some spring signs but everything quite late here. B & B full most of the time again as the Bath season gets under way. Drew and Ros come to lunch today. Lots of love James & Judy

  2. Anne

    Thanks for popping in J&J! Electricity is back, but still no sign of the sun – the sky’s settled into a leaden grey colour. Maybe when it’s a bit nicer out we will be able to set up a wind-break to protect the UK from the nasty eastern winds! Hang on…maybe they’re from further east?
    Lovely to hear from you, hope Drew and Ros are tickity-boo, let us know what news there is from the John network!
    Love to you both A&J xx

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