Treasure Shest

We have two beautiful fur-kids who have been brought up to be well behaved, balanced individuals; playful, yet respectful of their elders and surroundings. Then along came our little bundle of soft fluffy joy, pin-sharp teeth and claws.

Shest looks down on potential prey from the hat stand

Don’t get me wrong, Shest is very entertaining, with an incredible capacity for affection. A little digital chirrup signals the onslaught of some Shesty love. He’ll gallop right up to your face – climbing up, on and over anything and everything to reach you – where he will rub his face all over yours, purring all the time at a noise level belying his size!

Conversely he is also not averse to clamp his jaws over a hand – which in some instances has just fed him – and get busy killing his prey.


Perhaps it’s the same for parents of erm…human children, but our first two seemed comparatively easy. Conversely, Shest fights all attempts to discipline him literally tooth and nail, he comes and goes at all hours of day and night, raids the biscuits box in between meals and bullies his older siblings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had taken up smoking as well.

That said, he’s quite brilliant and we wouldn’t change him for the world.


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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