H Two Oh £%”#!

A couple of days ago, I inadvertently tipped a glass of water into my laptop. I think I have nearly drowned it, as it is now doing the electronic equivalent of gasping for breath.

I put it on the radiator for a while straight after the event, thinking that perhaps a little fast-track drying might be in order. A few hours later, when I dared turn it on, a deafening alarm went off on start-up and then things started scrolling wildly whilst random unrequested programs opened themselves.

Oh dear.

Since then I’ve lost the use of many of the keys, making password entry and general emailing impossible. I can’t say I’m hopeful of a recovery at the moment, but Jeremy has very kindly lent me his Mac yesterday (which is just weird and does nothing I expect it to) and his keyboard today, which has enabled me to at least whip around my computer’s filing system more easily before the screen fills itself with windows…

So if you have any thoughts, constructive suggestions or failing that general fun-poking that you would like to share, please to feel free to add you comments below…


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