Forked up

Language learning is easiest if you just keep listening and copying. Then practise what you’ve heard, hope someone corrects you if necessary … and repeat! Of course if you’re practising a lot and talking to everybody, there’s a vastly increased chance of making mistakes.

Like I did last weekend. I was trying to explain to Ivan, Elena and the assembled company that I still have my Cinquecento to sell (any takers, by the way?) but accidentally announced that I am planning on selling myself! Oh!!

For the first time in my life, I have been in a garden and used tools to achieve something that wasn’t purely destructive. How satisfying! The zone where the cucumbers were growing up the fence has now been cleared of string and the last few dried up leaves and stems, and yesterday…

…I turned the soil over with a fork.

That stretch of earth now looks like a proper Bulgarian garden, ready to go to sleep for the winter. My lower back on the other hand, feels like it’s ready to go into spasm.


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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