r8 my sirilik

Did u no that it’s not only the English kidz that r playing about wth language 2day? I’ve recently discovered to my gr8 surprise that u cn do it in Bulgarian 2!

One of the girls from the village has decided to spend a few months in England and has been using Skype to keep in touch with mates. And me! Partly for language practise (for both of us) but mainly because her mum can come over to ours and they can see each other on screen via video chat!

Whilst trying to organise these virtual family reunions I’ve been chatting with her and have had fun trying to decipher the shorthand she’s using. 4 is ‘ch’, 6 is ‘sh’ (from the first letters of the numbers in Bulgarian) and q is a backwards R. Which is obviously a ‘ya’ …sheesh.

Here’s the opening line from today ann ko pravi6 be I have a feeling this might combine some local dialect as well! AARRGGHH! zamen mn e lo6o.

If only Rosa could see me simultaneously whipping through the dictionary with one hand and bashing words into Google translate with the other, whilst trying to keep up the pretence of being fully aware of the full conversation we’re having, I think she’d laugh her head off.


Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

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