Like A Cat Out Of Hell

This entry is written with heavy eyelids (and a not-very-contrite Osem sitting resting his paws on my arm, restricting my asdf hand).  Living in a Bulgarian village continues to provide us with unlimited entertainment – sometimes of a sort we weren’t expecting. The nights are steadily becoming just as surreal as the days.

Osem woke us up at 4.30am doing his tweeting and chirruping routine – usually indicating he’s communing with birds. Then came the thud of Sedem leaping – again, quite normal if she’s chasing flies. No other noises, but obviously something was afoot….so we turned on the light and do you know what was in our bedroom this time?

A bat.

Yes, really.

A perfectly silent, petrified bat, darting around the room so fast it was barely visible and quite possibly screaming at the top of its voice at a pitch way out of our hearing range as well. (Actually do bats have voices?)

Osem & Sedem provided good intelligence as to its whereabouts, just watching them watching it showed us its whereabouts, so after encouraging it downstairs – staying near to the floor and dodging out of its way as far as possible – Jeremy opened the window in the living room, reversed out and shut the door behind us. Much to the cats’ disgust.

I dread to think what other animals we’ll be receiving here next. What I would ask is that it be at a more mutually convenient hour, and possibly not in the bedroom…


2 thoughts on “Like A Cat Out Of Hell

  1. Helly

    Hilarious! This makes the impending trip in November EVEN MORE EXCITING if there is going to be free entry to the zoo included in the price…..

    1. anemy

      If you’re really good, we could do a drive-by of the local dragonfly enclosure, which appears to be just a rickity fence around a big field. So essentially they’re not enclosed at all, but it can certainly be included in the Bulgarian Wildlife Experience that we offer visitors…. Axx

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