Double 0 Sedem: Licensed To Kill

OK, it’s raining now. Autumn has arrived.

In fact it’s rained so much that it has brought little frogs up from the river into the streets. Our doors aren’t in the slightest bit sealed, so the little frogs have come into our house, much to Sedem’s delight. The worst bit of it is that Sedem has brought the little frogs into our bed to play with them in the middle of the night..

It was probably a blessing that I didn’t know, whilst feeling around in the dark, exactly what I was picking up and depositing in the bin. At the time I assumed it was chicken that Martha had inadvertently dropped off her table, at her and Maura’s last supper the evening before.

It was only in the morning when a rustling came from the bin that we realised that Sedem hadn’t quite finished them all off and there was a survivor…


One thought on “Double 0 Sedem: Licensed To Kill

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