Birthday Bonanza – Danish Style

We were treated to Madsen family hospitality last weekend to help celebrate a RATHER SPECIAL birthday for the fabulous Anne Lyhne.


The room was decorated in a Baba Marta red & white theme and – oh! The food!! it tasted amazing and of course it just kept on coming. Delightfully tender pork; ginger and chili king prawns; potatoes baked in salt; buckets of shopska salad and a home-made mayonnaise (made from 1.5 litres of oil, Simon told us) in some crazy flavours, including wasabi – yum.

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DIY Dash To Watford

My lovely tenant of eight years gave me notice – nooooooo! Now I know I had been saying that I would relish the opportunity to do some proper work on the place, if only there wasn’t quite so much stuff everwhere…but I hadn’t thought it would happen quite so soon – or quickly!

Still. We are not afraid of a challenge. After some discussion, headscratching, cogitation and checking of flight prices, JJ & I decided that we would carpe diem – actually nine diems in total – and get a bit of a plan together.

It started with a LIST. (What self-respecting plan doesn’t?) There was a Big List which was everything that we thought needed doing to the place; then there was the ‘What would we be happy completing on this trip?’ list.

The answer to the second question was: get the bathroom back to clean, functional, tidy, fresh & mould-free, replace the washing machine (which apparently hadn’t been working for weeks), get a cooker hood and perhaps give the little room a lick of paint .

OK, that sounds manageable. Let’s DO THIS!

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2019: Hot And Cold Starters

We took a breath after getting back after our furiously busy festive furore and had a delicious new year’s eve – just the two of us – comprising champagne, Fantastic Beasts (including cats) and pyjamas.

At midnight we we poked our heads out, momentarily…then quickly retreated indoors again after not one but two fireworks careered sideways into the garden. Oh dear me. The sky was completely obscured by smoke by 12.05am

Not long after that, we buggered off to Bansko to chuck ourselves down the sides of mountains.

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Going Up North – Fancy!

We thought we’d pop up the coast to Varna where we stayed in a ridiculously swanky hotel: Graffit Gallery

It was so posh they wanted 12 Euros a day for the underground parking, the heating was turned up to a million and the taps were so fancy it took ages to work out how to turn them on.  And does anybody actually know how to use a bidet?

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Prolonged Festivities

A very large stack of Christmas cards arrived here on Friday – nearly two weeks into January – so goodness knows where the Bulgarian postal service have been keeping them for the last three or so weeks.

It did prompt us to look back on the fabulous whirlwind that was our festive season though. What fun we had! We hired a car and spent five days in it travelling between Watford, Dorking, north London, Oxford and a little village not far from Swindon.


Some days we had TWO massive meals and I have to admit it’s probably only just now that my stomach is starting to recover from the intestinal onslaught. But when you’re faced with so much deliciousness, it’s rude/impossible to say no, isn’t it? (Yes – to both of those.)

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Ag Barges Into Seventy

We had a lovely time with Ag over his birthday weekend. After Moth’s 70th extravaganza we couldn’t let this auspicious occasion pass without some kind of event. And seeing as it was so much fun, why not make some of it a surprise, again…?

So we informed him that on the Saturday morning he and Moth should be at Warwick Ave tube station at 8.45am, dressed warmly in layers and sensible shoes.

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